Herald Old Forest Black Tea 50g

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Wild-foraged from some of the oldest tea plants in the world, with some trees near 800 years old, our Old Forest Black is a tea with true character. Hand-picked from within the Mt. Ailao Natural Forest Preserve, the creation of this tea is intensive and requires the tea leaves to be plucked from trees growing amidst other coniferous trees and flowers. The pickers often have to climb up to the highest branches to reach all the precious buds and leaves. Once picked, the tea is laid out in the sun to dry, which more slowly roasts and oxidizes the tea. The result is a tea that is nuanced and unique with wild aromas reminiscent of a silver needle white tea or a young, raw pu’er. Our Old Forest showcases the malty and smooth qualities of a classic, old-tree Yunnan, while highlighting rare herbaceous and hay-like notes due in part to the unique sun-drying method.

Ingredients: 100% Authentic Whole-Leaf Tea
Farming: Semi-Wild, Low Pesticide (natural repellents used)

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