Cobrancosa (Portugal)

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This Portuguese Cobrançosa is one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere Extra Virgin Olive Oils year after year. It displays delicious creamy layers which compliment savory undertones of floral notes and savory herb. Well balanced and complex, this Cobrançosa has a desirable peppery finish with an ideal bitterness characteristic of a robust oil. 

Use for: cooking, adding to smoothies or juices for an anti-oxidant boost.

Crushed November 2017
Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush): Fruitiness: 5.5   Bitterness: 3.8    Pungency: 3.8 Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush): FFA: 0.20  PV: 6.6  Biophenols: 376.7ppm  OLEIC: 67.9 DAGs: 96.8  PPP: <1.0

Made in: Portugal



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