"Oro Bailen" Picual (Spain)

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This amazing Picual is produced by the world-renowned grower Oro Bailen in Spain, one of the most decorated olive oil producers in the world. This oil is intensely green, complex, and fruity. It features notes of savory 
herb, green tomato and green banana with hints of creamy green almond. 

Use for: salad dressings, dipping, drizzling, and other raw applications as well as light cooking.

Crushed October 2017
Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush): Fruitiness: 5.5    Bitterness: 3.5   Pungency: 4.0  Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush): FFA: 0.10  PV: 7.2  Biophenols: 306.6ppm  Polys: 257ppm  OLEIC: 76.1  DAGs: 97.0  PPP: <1.0

Made in: Spain

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