Melgarejo Picual (Spain)

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This Spanish varietal grown by world-renowned Melgarejo is fruity and intensely green with notes of tomato leaf, peach, and artichoke. It has a creamy center and a desirable peppery finish with an intense emerald hue to match. Established in 1780, the Melgarejo estate is located in Jaén, a city in southern Spain famous for its EVOOs.

Use for: Cooking, bold dips, dressings, and finishes, and anywhere you want an antioxidant boost.

Crushed October 2022
Made in Spain

Awards: Gold Medal, Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 

Organoleptic Taste Profile:  
Fruitiness 5.8 Bitterness 4.5 Pungency 5.0

Chemistry (as measured at time of crush):
Biophenols 431.0ppm FFA 0.15 Oleic Acid 76.5 Peroxide 3.6 DAGs: 97.8 PPP <1.0 Squalene 10,715 A-Tocopherols 341.6ppm

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