Biancolilla (Sicily)

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Biancolilla is a delicious olive varietal native to Sicily. It has a wonderful creaminess with notes of artichoke, green apple and savory herbs. It is very fruity and peppery with little bitterness, which means that it shines in a wide range of applications!

Use for: salad dressings, dipping, drizzling, and other raw applications as well as light cooking.

Crushed November 2017
Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush): Fruitiness: 4.8   Bitterness: 3.0   Pungency: 4.8 Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush): FFA: 0.20  PV: 6.2  Biophenols: 422.1ppm  Polys: 253ppm OLEIC: 72.8  DAGs: 94.0  PPP: <1.0

Made in: Italy

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